Benefits of Playing Video Games
April 22, 2020

Video Games are very important and necessary in our lives as it psychologically destresses the body and gives you a nice time to calm your brain and end up having a good time not being in the workplace or being trapped in rush hour traffic. Plus it lets you stay fit based on the game you’re playing.

Playing games is great. Many children around the world either have a console they’re playing videogames on, or they like one. Video games are important for people with disabilities who are unable to exercise can still want to play games and they are enjoyable for almost everyone. Often, video games are enjoyable, as most of them are games that people would want to play, but they can’t because there isn’t what they want to play in real life. The software makers can build the environments they desired in real life, but because it isn’t real and digitally makes it way better than making it in real life, there is plenty of software that is created all the time on various platforms that can support it.

Now that you’re a mom who feels video games are terrible for the reasons that your kids care of. Sure playing video games does boost your children’s emotional health. Please keep in mind that many of the problems that exist on computer games such as “playing video games makes kids dumb” is just a myth.

Benefits of playing video games


There are a vast range of advantages-unfortunately all of the things I’m going to say have been found in papers I can’t find at the moment, and others are historical … Still here we are going!

— Hand-eye coordination: Yup, this is the ‘big one’ people are worried about, but it’s actually real. It doesn’t mean you’re getting better at doing something immediately, but physical movements where you’re expected to provide facial activity based on what you’re doing are something gamers are excelling at.

— Unique awareness: I recently visited a major testing facility using remote controlled robots for very delicate manipulation and told operators that the hiring process was very stringent, but also people who excelled in video games were well suited to the work.

— Visual motion detection: Gamers (specifically FPS players) respond better to peripheral vision movement detection.

— Problem solving: it sounds simple, but often games push you to worry of a problem that we have to do every day in our lives.

— Quick assessment and decision-taking: when you’re playing a high paced game, you’re making decisions on an regular basis, analysing the situation and then repeating; that’s what we’re doing on a daily basis again.

— Navigation: I think I have very decent navigation skills in a strange city personally, because many games allow you to rapidly understand the architecture of a futuristic environment to accomplish a mission. It is a very valuable ability to be able to imagine items physically or through symbols in comparison to each other.

— Relaxation: Gaming will give you a feeling of success and “completion” that can often be lost in your daily life. Particularly when you’ve had a stressful or irritating day at work.

— Emotional insight: Some games are heavily motivated by storylines and others are similar to immersive novels that deal with a wide variety of problems. Through taking care as the narrator in these novels, you obtain a far deeper personal perspective into the situation, and a high degree as empathy that could be much better than reading a novel or seeing a film.

— Teamwork: Many games are cooperative and allow you to work together with friends to complete a mission, to make decisions as a group and to realize the hat is the right thing to do in order for the team to achieve its target.

These are the stuff I can think of from the top of my head; I know I don’t bake these with firm evidence, but I think if you asked any gamer to list the real-world advantages of gaming, this is the kind of list you’d make.

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