June 14, 2020

Sony PS5 reveal: Sony gave fans a first look at the PS5 platform with an exciting line-up of games coming to the platform at its “future of gaming” event

 PlayStation 5 was finally revealed in full by Sony. It featured a fresh white design alongside a new suite of games which included the return of popular characters interspersed with brand new ones, some of which looked flashy.

Playstation 5

Two PlayStation 5 versions were seen by the Japanese tech giant: a standard one with a 4 K Blu-Ray player, and a “Digital Version” which does not have the disk drive. Unlike the Nintendo Switch which is a dual console, the PlayStation 5 can be mounted vertically or horizontally. The PS5 comes with the next-generation Dual Sense controller. This requires a host of impressive-sounding technologies such as haptic feedback, adjustable triggers and built-in microphones. Nevertheless, what truly stands out about the Dual Sense controller is its dramatically new appearance and black-and-white space-age colour scheme, and it turns out that the PS5 style has a similar feel – that is a major departure from its predecessors.

Sony launched a futuristic design for PlayStation 5

PS5 concept announcement was a hit which featured the surprising introduction of the PS5 Digital Version-a streamlines, all-digital console with no disk drive. It’s another indication that console makers are looking to a world without the need for physical hardware. Although Sony has not announced the PS5 price or release date, we now know a great deal of what we can do when the PlayStation 5 releases later this year.

PlayStation system lead architect Mark Cerny confirmed that the new console would have an eight-core CPU based on AMD’s 7 nm process and a custom GPU based on AMD RDNA 2. The PS5 will be sporting 16 GB of GDDR6 RAM in terms of RAM. Unlike the PS4 which had the traditional hard drive, the PS5 comes with a solid-state drive (SSD). The PS5 will support 8 K graphics, 4 K graphics at a refresh rate of 120Hz and 3D audio, too. And indeed, the PS5 is going to be backwards compatible with PS4 games.

Sony reiterated that between now and the launch of the PS5 this fall, more events are planned, including when it will be discussing pricing, launch date and other details. Ryan declined to discuss the future of Sony’s PlayStation VR virtual reality headset, its PlayStation Now streaming service, and whether Sony would offer a disk trade-in program for those buying the all-digital PS5, saying more details will be revealed at later events.

The architecture of the PlayStation 5 looks sleek, something that makes Sony distinguish its flagship console from Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox Series X. A range of accessories will suit the PS5, including a camera, speakers, and remote control. Sony has still not announced the PS5 ‘s price or firm release date. At this moment, pricing of the accessories is still unknown.

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